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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions about the Christmas Truce:

Can I use the letters and pictures on this website in my book, video, concert etc? Yes! Everything on this website is copyright free. Help yourself!

Do you have any letters from German soldiers? No. There are personal letters written by Germans in German archives but but they did not have the tradition we had in the UK of sending letters home and those letters being then published in local papers.

Did it really happen? Yes. The many letters from soldiers who took part are more than sufficient evidence. Many of these letters were published in the solider's local paper - usually taken in to the paper by astonished families. Operation Plum Pudding aims to republish these letters in a single source.

How widespread was the truce? It's difficult to be exact at the moment but certainly hundreds of soldiers took part. However, on some parts of the Western Front there was no truce and fighting continued as normal.

How long did it last? In many cases just two or three days. In other cases until New Year's Day. There is some evidence a truce of sorts existed until March (and was rekindled at Easter). But no truce occurred during any other Christmas in World War One.

What was the official response?. Fury! Once the letters were published in newspapers (censorship was in its infancy) the top brass demanded names - but no action was ever taken against participants.

Did the Germans really win 3-2 in the football match? There's still some doubt over whether the match took place. Hopefully Operation Plum Puddings will answer this question once and for all. If our researches can find first-hand accounts by those who watched or took part in the match it should be sufficient evidence. And hopefully reveal the true score! In the meantime, here is an article discussing the evidence known to date.

Is there a complete list of all those who took part? No, but we have started to compile a list of those who have come across. And there is a list of all Units that took part on 1914-1918.net.

Is there a list of songs sung by soldiers during the truce? It's not a complete list but all those songs mentioned in the letters are listed on this site. And you can also download a 'concert' using these songs and extracts from the letters.

If you require any further information on the Truce or Operation Plum Puddings, we'll be glad to try and help. Send an email to info@christmastruce.co.uk.



The songs known to have been sung during the Christmas Truce

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